Friday, August 9, 2013

Drinking 1 Juice a Day

You know the old saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away. I just wanted to break down why juicing can be so important, especially when you don't really have time to plan out all the ins and outs of your diet.

First I just really want to point out just how much food you take in when you juice. I put the food on paper plates because they are pretty standard in size so it can give everyone an idea on just how much food you take in. This juice I am making is called Garden Variety. However, there is a change from the normal recipe, as I was almost out of kale, so instead I used 3 kale leaves and 6 Green leaf lettuce leaves (outside leaves). For many this might be a pretty big meal to down as it is, not to mention the fact I ate one of the amazing taco shell sized wraps with it.

So the juicing process still leaves me with a lot to drink. Actually about two of our biggest glasses in the house to get it all out of the container. Overall its a very good drink, and its just so packed full of everything you need.

I actually laid out the ingredients to make a nutritional fact sheet for this one just to show you everything you are getting in this juice. Now I will not that not all juicers are the same. The juicer I have will save on average 96% of the nutrients. If you are using a $50 juicer it would probably be less, and if you have a slow juicer you could be getting more. As well, the longer it sits, is exposed to air, and light, the more nutrients will go away. So it's always to juice when you need it, drink it all. If you need it for breakfast and need to make it the night before. I suggest putting it in a mason jar in the fridge overnight. Also if you take it to work like I do, and the fridge is opened quite a bit, you might want to put it in a bag to shade it from the light.

To the right, is the Nutrition Facts on the juice, remember based on your juicer and other factors we discussed this could be lower.

However just look at everything you get, don't worry about the calories, this is not something you can over indulge on a get fat with.

Notice the insanely high fiber, protein, vitamin A and C levels, as well with the original recipe you would get all 100% Iron if not more, as well calcium will go up. However, this one is made with my modified one I made today. You might even say the sugar is very high, however just remember this isn't the sugar you putting in your cake. This a sugar from juice, its very useful to your body.

Anyways, thanks for reading. I have been getting a lot of questions from friends and family about why juicing is so healthy and why I juice with every meal and sometimes for snakes in between.